Sustainable Projects

Roof greening is of ecological value and it also makes good economic sense from a business point of view

A dry stone wall and plants common to the area

“Habitats all around the house”; that was our slogan in 1990, which we used to advertise for our sustainable projects and that was supposed to convey our ideas to interested parties. All these roof greenings, swimming ponds, dry walls, etc. are ecological examples of our sustainable and fundamental idea: Creating a sustainable world which does not need protecting.

Our company developed into an internationally operating company, focusing on sustainable water management concepts and promoting ecological development.
Apart from that, we greatly love to consider various issues on ecological planning and construction. Please contact us and tell us about your ideas to see how we can help you.

An inner-city lake with a natural water clarification system in Shanghai, China

Sustainable and bioclimatic building in Emboscada, Paraguay