Bioclimatic Building

Valle Tucán, a sustainable housing project in Paraguay

Construction of the Casa Hobbit (structurally complete); the vault is made up of clay bricks which are handcrafted

A considerable number of visitors took part in a workshop with Gernot Minke on bioclimatic building lasting several days, Valle Tucán

In Paraguay, we systematically build a residential complex according to the aspects of sustainability. The architect Prof. Dr. Eng. Gernot Minke designs the dwelling houses. A characteristic feature of his designs are the adobe arches. Therefore, grand chambers and rooms are constructed, which are about 3.60 metres high. The arches are greened and, as a consequence, they are very well insulated. Especially in countries with a hot and dry summer climate, this construction style is recommended as it assures an enduringly comfortable and healthy interior climate and controls this temperature without the help of any conventional heating or cooling system.

Gernot Minke uses locally available materials and works in cooperation with regional craftsmen. After only a short training period, they are able to manufacture mudbricks, to build vaults and to work with clay plasters. Elderly bricklayers are still able to remember how to construct walls using adobe and former techniques. They are glad that these construction methods, which have proved to be very successful in the past, are refined, developed and rediscovered in Paraguay.

The wastewater of the housing complex is treated in a peripherally constructed wetland that was constructed by Janisch & Schulz.

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The roof greening of the semi-detached house maintains an optimum room climate, Valle Tucán, Paraguay

Casa Hobbit, swimming pool, rooftop greening and sun deck