Urban Waterscapes

HuangPu Liyuan housing complex in Shanghai

The waterscape is storing rainwater

Areas of water considerably enhance the local population’s quality of life, especially in cities and metropolises. They have a positive impact on the local climate and on the wellbeing of people. According to the sustainable water resources management, the handling of water has to be rethought and included in the planning of the responsible urban planners.

We take the approach that water currents should be decentralised. This includes the utilisation of retention basins for rain and surface water, so that if it rains heavily, the sewerage can be relieved.

These inner-city retentions can be designed to be attractive parks. We further integrate a soil filter along the waterfront. Rain and grey water of numerous households can be treated by the filters and stored by the lakes. The purified water can be used to flush toilets (instead of portable water) and for irrigation purposes. Those small-scale water cycles, including the attractive waterscapes, improve the sustainable infrastructure of our cities tremendously.

Headquarters of the Abon Biopharm Co. Ltd. in Hangzhou, China

The buildings are surrounded by a water area which stores rainwater

The natural water treatment has been operating smoothly for years

Our soil filter maintains the constant and good water quality